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OCSE is the world's largest regional security organisation working to ensure peace, democracy and stability for more than a billion people across North America, Europe and Asia. Their press and public information service wanted to produce an animated video of its activities cutting through the jargon and explaining in simple terms what is meant by the OCSE concept of "comprehensive security" in relation to the political-military aspects, economical prosperity, environmental sustainability, human rights and the rule of law. This was then to be translated into six languages. The messages that needed to be communicated were security begins at home, it begins in our

communities, in our cities and towns and finally in and between our countries. Our approach was based on 3 options which were traditional 2d, 2d executed in 3d and a high end 3d solution. The option chosen by OCSE was as a 2d approach as it was seen that it was a warm and approachable style, provided endless options for the journey, offered many styles from traditional to contemporary with the option to design very simple or highly stylised characters. Overall it provided the right platform for communicating heavy facts and figures.