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Five.AI is developing the world's most reliable autonomous software stack to deliver a solution for the driverless cars for the most complex urban driving environments.

Their approach to solving this challenge is to use artificial intelligence rather than use highly accurate 3D maps and localisation to solve the problem. Their solution is based on advanced technology such as multiple sensors around the car, advanced computer vision using neural networks, predictive software for modelling what will happen next and finally motion planning to determine tracks from point to point.

In summary they are building the complex software brain for tomorrow's autonomous vehicles.

Five.AI approached us because of the quality of the work we had done for the DVSA in developing their hazard perception test. They wanted clips that they could show to prospective investors that highlighted all the potential hazards that a driverless car would encounter on a journey to demonstrate the complexity of what they were developing.

The end result was a series of high quality 3d clips with annotation showing the multitude of different hazards encountered from driving in an urban environment in different weather conditions.