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We deliver high quality, animated and interactive testing training and assessment road safety projects to help organisations to save the lives of all road users.
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Hazard Perception

The objective of testing and training people in Hazard Perception skills is to check a persons’ ability to detect developing situations that require them to take some action, such as changing speed or direction. This fundamental skill is especially important to learner and novice drivers.

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Hazard Prediction

This type of training uses video clips that are paused immediately prior to a hazard and participants are asked to predict how the situation will develop using multiple choice questions. This candevelop a deeper understanding of multiple scenarios and how you should react to a given situation.

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Professional Driver Assessment

As part of corporate social responsibility good driver assessment and training does not just focus on driving skills, but also on driver’s attitudes, knowledge and understanding of how they can manage driving risks.
It also aims to ensure that drivers are aware of vulnerable road users.

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Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians are categories that are the most at risk on the road. Training and educating these road users is key to their safety on the road. The ability to provide creative, engaging aminated content that is specific to each category should help make everyone safer on the roads.

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Hazard Perception


Jellylearn developed the new HP test for the DVSA based on CGI technology which went live in 2015. These clips include over 260 hazards set within a specific map reference.


The Cohort report by TRL spanning 6 years of research before and after introducing HP testing evidences a 11% reduction in collisions saving 100’s of lives every year.


Learner drivers need high quality interactive content prior to taking the test. Our CGI clips can be downloaded from Apple store and Google play to support their training needs.

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Hazard Prediction

Situational Judgement

A key skill only gained by time spent behind the wheel. To accelerate this knowledge and understanding we have developed multiple interactive CGI clips to support this task.

Situational Awareness

Understanding the overall road situation is vital to evaluating making good decisions. Our experience here is with the UK Theory test where our Visual media clips support various case studies.

Driving School Training

Based on research by the RAC and Nottingham Trent university we have developed content to meet the needs of driving schools for right and left hand drivers to develop their skills in this area.

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Professional Driver Assessment

Hazard Perception Training

With CSR policies high on the agenda the need to demonstrate best practice in all competency areas is important. Our interactive HP content assesses this in detail.

Hazard Prediction Training

A vital skill even for the more experienced drivers which needs validating and assessing to maintain good driving standards. Our clips support an in-depth analysis of their risk profile.


Our research with academia into this area provides us with high quality and relevant content to thoroughly assess a candidate’s driving skills and provides valuable feedback for ongoing training needs.

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Vulnerable Road Users


Our animated clips help children be more aware of the multitude of road hazards they encounter today in a fun and engaging way like the project we did in Lithuania.


Our recent project with TfL and Bikability using CGI clips is a good example of the power of this type of training material to support this community.


Very little content exists specifically for motorcyclists for either testing or training. We have developed CGI clips that helps bikers be safer on the roads with high quality interactive content