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How we Work

Once we fully understand the project objectives and have a detailed brief or specification of the project scope then we assemble a bespoke team to discuss how we can utilise existing assets and how these can be re-purposed in a creative way to meet your requirements. There will be occasions when this isn’t possible, however if we can, we want to re-use scenarios, hazards and road scenes as these have all been authored by people with deep road safety expertise and are proven to work and ultimately the project will cost less than building it from scratch. If we are successful with our bid then we form a joint team with the client, we will use the unique development process we created during the DVSA project as this process helps manage and significantly reduce the risk for both parties of not being able to meet project milestones, timescales and budgets. This has proved highly beneficial to us and our clients and now forms the standard process for producing content and other deliverables. Whilst our background is in developing animated content for the advertising industry, we have built up considerable experience in road safety techniques and practices over the last 8 years. We are confident that we can add real value to any type of project safety project where the content needs to bring about new learning experiences in order to assess or test someone’s understanding and capabilities.