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Hazard Perception Training

As an evidence-based solution to reduce accidents we believe that the inclusion of hazard perception clips, specifically produced for experienced drivers, remain a very valid and important part of any driver assessment solution. Whilst experienced drivers have gained knowledge of a vast number of hazards through experience there is no substitute for assessing the risk profile of individual drivers and comparing that to a cohort of experienced drivers. Imagine if these clips were also linked to the statistics for the hazards that resulted in the most accidents on our roads, this will help you form a picture of your total fleet so that you can implement driver safety programs which should ultimately save the business money in the long term.

In the clip below we have replicated high wind conditions in a rural setting illustrating that when driving a lorry and presented with these two hazards how it focuses the mind as to what decisions you should make and what the risk is of taking those decisions can be even for an experienced driver.