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Driving School Training

Across many countries throughout Europe learner drivers must attend classroom-based training as part of the process to learn to drive and pass their test. We believe that the better the quality of the training material in terms of its fidelity, ability to interact with and, how close the representation is to real road situations, the more chance the learner driver will have of being prepared to tackle hazards they are presented with every day driving. Having developed over 300 hazards in multiple road settings we understand exactly how to produce engaging clips that embed deep learning experiences. Using CGI technology provides the platform to allow us to produce high quality clips and augment or change these clips at a later date should any detail change or you want to view these in an more immersive way such as virtual or augmented reality. Taking this approach will provide a long term return on your investment in the clips as new technologies emerge in the future. The clip below is a very up to date example of the use of future technologies.