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Our Team

Chris Page

Chris Page
Managing Director

Chris leads the team and brings many years of experience in the Creative Services Industries across many disciplines.

In 1994 Andy Bull and I established Three Blind Mice which is now one of Europe's leading pre-viz and creative services businesses with capabilities in everything from visualising through 3D works in Animatics.

In 2006 Jelly was set up, one of the integrated motion and illustrated content businesses, which has since grown to provide the UK's leading public and private sector clients with content across all platforms.

Jellylearn is a natural extension of the Jelly's business's skills and expertise and brings together the very best of talent to focus on and deliver solutions that help people learn in a much smarter more engaging manner.

Andy Bull

Andy Bull
Production Director

As co-founder of both Three Blind Mice and jelly, Andy brings to the project nearly 25 years experience in the communication industries with a deep seated passion for the creative and technical aspects of our deliverables.

In his capacity as Production Director, Andy will be crucial to the successful delivery of our solutions. Specialising in broadcast and CGI, Andy has delivered some of the country's largest commercial and industrial CGI projects completed to date.

Regardless of the complexity or scale of the brief his insight into the production process allows him to approach any challenge in the same considered and measured way.

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett
Business Development Director

Working alongside the rest of the team Michael drives business development for Jellylearn. As a new brand within the business Michael's entrepreneurial skills in the high tech business will be vital to its success.

During the last 18 years he has successfully re-engineered the fortunes of four software companies all of which led to successful and profitable trade sales.

Michael has been successful working with both public and private sector clients. He will drive the direct and indirect routes to market for all our products and services whilst providing valuable feedback to Andy to ensure our products and services stay ahead of the competition.