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The clip below was launched prior to the new CGI clips going live as a way of introducing the change from video to CGI/3D technology. Crucial to all the clips we developed for the DVSA was that everything in the clips should look as authentic and realistic as possible. In practice, this meant we had to manage everything from the speed of cars relative to stopping distances, when brakes lights come on, movement of the car when suddenly braking or turning, the scenery, to the street signs and road markings as it related specifically to a chosen google map reference. This attention to detail was to ensure that the candidates who took the test would not be distracted from anything in the clips thereby maintaining the integrity of the test and validity of the clips. 

Since the initial launch we have now developed clips that include hazards for vulnerable road users (animals, cyclist, motor cyclists, pedestrians), different weather conditions (snow, rain, wind), night and daytime driving, various driving environments (urban, rural, motorway) all of which provide a multitude of differing hazards that drivers face daily and require the necessary skills to stay safe on the roads.