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Based in the heart of London we are a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about road safety and on a mission to deliver high quality animated content to make our roads a safer place to travel on. After being awarded a prestigious contract by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in 2012 we re-developed 130 one minute video clips into Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) clips for the UK Hazard Perception (HP) Test. A ground breaking project that is still today the worlds largest high stakes test using CGI technology with around 2 million tests per annum. It went live in 2015 and now boasts over 250 clips featuring weather, night driving, urban, country and motorway scenes and conditions each with a unique hazard and many with two.

The DVSA are a global leader in innovating the driver licencing testing process and the UK was the first country ever to implement HP testing. With the experience and assets we gained from this project and the relationships we subsequently built with academia, research companies and service providers in this marketplace we are well placed to grow our business globally. In 2016 we undertook an extensive market research project into what testing, training and assessment content was being used in road safety projects globally. The result was that we saw a gap in the market to use our creative and technology skills to develop new animated content for public sector road safety organisations, driving schools and publishers and launched our road map for road safety in 2016 details of which can be found here. We are confident that we are well placed to help organisations make a step change in the way they deliver solutions to help their clients be safer on the roads.