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Jellylearn becomes an Affiliate member of the EFA

We are excited to announce that the EFA’s (https://www.efa-eu.com/) members have unanimously voted to accept Jellylearn as an Affiliate member to the organisation. Over the last couple of years we have been discussing how we could help the EFA achieve their goal of introducing Hazard Perception (HP) testing as part of a driving licencing system throughout Europe to improve road safety. EFA have thousands of driving school members throughout Europe, they see the introduction of HP testing as an important step in improving the driving skills of young and learner drivers. Furthermore, where classroom based training is mandated in EU countries drivers can gain valuable skills on how to spot developing hazards before they even start to drive on the roads.

EFA General Secretary Manuel Picardi commented .

“EFA is proud to be partnering with JellyLearn to try to introduce a high quality Hazard Perception(HP)test in all European Countries. HP testing is an evidence based solution for reducing road traffic accidents amongst young drivers by up to 11%. With the addition of Jelly Learns’ experience and expertise we are confident that together we can achieve this important goal in the next few years and revise Directive 2006/126 EC and improve road safety across Europe”.