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Jellylearn invited to present to the Lithuanian parliament.

As with many countries Lithuania has very real challenges when it comes to road safety. In response the Legal Committee of the government organised a conference on road safety titled the 'War on the Roads'. Conference organizers invited road traffic safety experts to discuss the current road safety policies and visions for the future to find out whether the current legal regulations are providing adequate protection to road users, improving vehicular and pedestrian traffic and to share the experiences of foreign countries. Looking towards the experience of the UK in this area, The Lithuanian Government invited Jellylearn to demonstrate to the conference the benefits of Hazard Perception Testing and how this has reduced the number of deaths on the UK roads. Andy Bull, Jellylearns Production Director, ran through the history of the HPT test and how it has developed from video based content through to using photo realistic computer animation. To view the full presentation please follow the link and watch from 01:35:42 http://media.lrs.lt/video/video3/video/2014/11/DE78D2A6-02E6-43C2-9932-2C28951379E9/MEDIUM/d6570b22-35aa-4b13-9bed-264f55c2db3a.mp4