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Jellylearn supports Bikeability with new CGI clips for their Cycle Savvy driving resource.

Image representing Jellylearn supports Bikeability with new CGI clips for their Cycle Savvy driving resource. from Jellylearn

As part of the Social Value aspect of Jellylearn’s new contract with DVSA we are delighted to be able to support Bikeability with further clips to update their online driving resource. The purpose of this extension project is to increase the safety of our roads and promote empathy between road users, specifically in circumstances where people who drive share the road with people who cycle. It supports two key objectives, namely: 

  1. Enabling people to cycle and protecting them when they do. This is achieved by reducing road danger through the creation of a safe infrastructure based on key design principles, working with the department and relevant stakeholders, to ensure that the rules of the road work to protect people travelling actively.
  2. Delivering increases in active travel to 50% of all journeys in urban areas. 

Jellylearn will work closely with the Bikeability creative team to provide our expertise in developing high quality CGI clips that will ensure the learning outcomes are met with carefully designed and produced clips. During the life of the project Bikeability will be feeding back to Jellylearn how this project has been received and what the outcomes have been. This feedback will be presented to the DVSA to demonstrate the social value of this project.

Benjamin Smith Director of Development  of The Bikeability Trust commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Jellylearn again for the extension of 'Cycle Savvy Driving'. Jellylearn supplied excellent clips which were used to great effect in the first pilot of the online training resources. The second batch of CGI training clips will reflect the changes being made to the Highway code and be key to our objectives of this project”

Michael Bennett Business Development Director of Jellylearn commented:

“We are always keen to engage with organisations who want to make a difference to road safety in the UK. Our continuing relationship with Bikeability provides further evidence that high quality animated clips can deliver real outcomes to improve road safety”